Lexicography Network (RELEX)

The Lexicography Network (RELEX) unites eight groups of the Galician university system (ROMANYCOM, GLEX, FILGA, HUMBOLDT, ITALIANÍSTICA, Léxico e Lexicografía Especializada, TALG e FRASEONET) and six other universities (Lexicography, Lexicology and Linguistic Historiography at the University of La Laguna; IULATERM and INFOLEX, from the IULA, Universitat Pompeu Fabra; LICEI, at the Università de Bologna, Forlì campus; GRiLS, at the Università di Milano, the Monolingual and Bilingual Italian Lexicography at the Università di Torino, and the Lexicography group at Stellenbosch University in South Africa). All of them have lexicography among their main lines of research.

RELEX aims to promote research and teaching in all those lines of work related to lexicography, promote the dissemination and transfer to society of knowledge and results arising from the two activities, enhance the training of teachers and researchers in lexicography and foster synergy and cooperation of all groups working in this field.