Survey “Survey on the significance of lexicography and the career prospects of lexicographers”

The Sustainability Commission of the Master Mundus in Lexicography has developed the survey “Survey on the significance of lexicography and the career prospects of lexicographers”. The survey is available at the following link:

This survey is intended for lexicographers who work in universities, research centres, publishing houses, etc. and the participation of all of us is necessary to obtain significant and representative data. Its realization requires very little time.

Second call of the RELEX Publications Committee

Applications should be sent to before 14:00 hours on March 14, 2018.

Criteria for selecting proposals

The selection process for proposals will be carried out by the Publications Committee and the Management Committee, which will assess, among others, the following aspects:

  1. The publication must fall within the thematic scope of the network.
  2. The originality, topicality and scientific interest of the proposal.
  3. The degree of elaboration of the proposal. Among other aspects:
    • Title
    • Abstract
    • Language of publication
    • Editors
    • Authors
    • Total budget with reference to which is requested from RELEX
    • Index of monograph content
  4. The internationality, the variety of countries and universities as well as the prestige of the authors and the publishing house.
  5. The participation of RELEX members and groups.
  6. Publication with peer review.
  7. Previous contacts with the publishing house.